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How do I make a word counter accessible?

My form has a comment field with a word count limit, and I want to provide a live counter so the user knows how close they are to the limit. How do I make the counter accessible?

  • forms
  • status message

Does dynamically changing text color meet accessibility requirements?

My website has text that changes color as you scroll. Text at the bottom of the screen is lightly colored, and is below minimum contrast. However, as the user scrolls, the text becomes darker and meets minimum contrast once it reaches the top half of...

  • contrast
  • interactive
  • text

How should I code elements with similar designs but different roles?

My footer has five buttons and one link, but they all look like buttons. I think users will expect all the elements to be the same type of element (all buttons or all links), and may be confused that they’re different. Which is more important,...

  • aria roles
  • user experience