Should I use a form landmark?


My page has a form, and I want people to find it easily. Should it be in a form landmark? Is there any reason not to add a form landmark?


Forms are not required to be in a form landmark (either the <form> element or an element with role=”form”), but using a form landmark can be helpful. When a form landmark with an accessible name is implemented correctly, users on certain assistive technologies can more clearly perceive how interactive elements are grouped, understand the form’s purpose, and use additional navigation options.

However, if your page already contains a large number of landmarks, adding more landmarks can clutter the page for users of assistive technology. If this is your situation, evaluate your secondary landmarks (typically landmarks like section/region, form, and aside that are nested within top-level landmarks). Then, determine which areas of content are the most important or useful for your target audience, and use your secondary landmarks to identify and label those specific areas.

Not sure which landmarks are already on your page? Explore the Guided Manual WCAG Audit Tool from Accessible Web, which includes a helper tool for identifying and highlighting landmark elements.

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