Can I have multiple links that go to the same page?


I have images and text links that take users to the same location but I am unsure if this would be a good user experience.


When there are text links in addition to image links to the same destination, it is best practice to hide one of these duplicate links from users of assistive technology (AT). Although not technically required by WCAG, it would be a better user experience for AT users as this would prevent unnecessary tab stops and repetitive announcements.

One method to remediate this issue is to ensure the image link has the aria-hidden=“true” attribute on it, which will hide the component from the accessibility tree. In addition, the tabindex attribute should be placed on the same element as aria-hidden="true", and should have a value of “-1” (tabindex=“-1”). This will ensure the component does not receive keyboard focus. While these changes will hide the redundant link from users on assistive technology, mouse users will still be able to click either link.

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