Accessible Web RAMP

Our best-in-class suite of web accessibility tools helps streamline your organization’s online accessibility efforts. RAMP was designed to empower your team on the four core components of a successful digital accessibility strategy:

RAMP: Risk Mitigation, Automated Scanning, Manual WCAG Auditing, and People & Process.

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Risk Mitigation

The A11y Center is the place to start your compliance journey, a critical piece in complying with the ADA and AODA. Showcase your accessibility statement and plan, allow users to report barriers, and note upgrades you’ve made all in one place.

Explore the A11y Center

A website's A11y Center open on their accessibility statement.

Publish In Minutes

Customize and embed quickly with a code snippet.

User Issue Reporting

Provide multiple methods for users with disabilities to report accessibility issues.

Accessibility Log

Showcase the accessibility work you’re completing in real-time.

Automated scanning page in RAMP: number of violations, violation history, and recommended action items.

Automated Scanning

Our scanning software can continuously monitor your website for WCAG violations, show recommended action items, and keep track of your progress all in one platform.

Automated Scanning in RAMP

Recommended Action Items

A prioritized list of issues to tackle; in order of frequency and severity.

Detailed Scan Results

View the affected elements, success criteria, violation severity, and remediation instructions.

Long Term Monitoring

Maintain accessibility; RAMP will continue to monitor your website as it evolves.

A woman looking at a highlighted violation on a website. The violation includes a remediation recommendation.

Manual WCAG Auditing

Once you get your automated score to 100/100, it is time to start manually auditing your website. Our guided manual audit tool lives within our chrome extension and walks you through a series of tests to complete a WCAG audit.

Learn about our Guided Manual Audit Tool

Tests for Every Success Criteria

Our tool will guide you on how to test, identify failures, and resolve the issues you identify.

Highlight Failures

Relevant elements are automatically detected and may be highlighted for further inspection.

RAMP Integration

Any accessibility issues you find can be exported and organized in RAMP.

People & Process

We’ve designed our software and training resources to make web accessibility approachable, understandable, and enjoyable for everyone in your organization. Level-up your team’s skills.

People powered accessibility

3 team members alongside a remediation task in RAMP. It's title reads "Fix contrast in header link."

Learn with Accessible Web Academy

Enroll your team in our series of self-guided online web accessibility courses.

Keep Your Team Organized

Organize your team projects, track progress, and manage remediation tasks.

Integrate with Atlassian’s Jira

Tackle accessibility wherever your team works best.

Take charge of your web accessibility

Accessible Web RAMP, our best-in-class suite of web accessibility tools, was built to help you address all compliance requirements efficiently and at scale.

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