How do autocomplete attributes affect web accessibility?


How do autocomplete attributes in a form affect web accessibility?


Autocomplete attributes programmatically communicate what information a form field is requesting, and they can be used on many common form fields. Information covered by autocomplete attributes includes name, email address, mailing address, and credit card information.

Modern browsers often make a best guess at what information should auto-fill, but a clear autocomplete attribute helps ensure that the user's information is filled in as you intended.

Having the option to autocomplete common form fields is convenient for everyone by reducing the time and effort to complete the form, and this feature can be critical for users with motor or cognitive disabilities.

Autocomplete attributes can also be used by assistive technology to tailor how the information is input or displayed. For example, certain technology might supplement an address field with a house icon for a user who prefers graphical information.

As with many web accessibility practices, the autocomplete attribute gives users more information, more control, and more options.

To explore this and other strategies for creating accessible web forms, explore the Forms: Labels, Cues, and Errors course from Accessible Web Academy.

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