What should I do with controlling time limits?


My site has time limits set by content. What should I do? What are controlling time limits?


If there are any time limits that are set by content (such as a session timeout timer that will log out the user if they are idle) present on a webpage, users must be able to turn off, adjust or extend time limits set by content.

If any are present, ensure that users can perform at least one of the following:

  • Turn off the time limit: Users are able to turn off the time limit
  • Adjust the time limit: Users are able to adjust the time limit (at least 10 times the default setting).
  • Extend the time limit: ¬†Users are warned before time expires and are given at least 20 seconds to extend the limit, and this can be performed at least 10 times.


  • Real-time events: It's not possible to avoid a time limit¬†(such as time-sensitive events, like auctions)
  • Essential time limits: The activity would be invalidated by adjusting or extending the time limit (such as a test time limit)
  • 20-Hour limit: The time limit extends beyond 20 hours

For a deeper dive into time limits and other types of dynamic content, explore the Adaptive Content & Other Page Requirements course from Accessible Web Academy.

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