How do I know if an issue is really a WCAG failure?


My team flagged a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines conformance failure, but I can’t find a failure technique that matches my code. Does that mean it’s not a failure after all?


It can be helpful to think of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a set of principles and objectives, not a fully comprehensive technical handbook.

Many success criteria include helpful lists of specific success and failure techniques, but these lists are not exhaustive. WCAG acknowledges there are other ways to achieve, or fail to achieve, a particular criterion. If the element in question does not meet the objectives of the success criterion and isn’t a documented exception, then it’s a WCAG failure.

Digital technologies evolve, and developers, designers, and content creators innovate. When WCAG hasn’t addressed your specific situation directly, focusing on the core objectives of success criteria will help improve your WCAG conformance overall.

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