Is there a form element meant to provide instruction?


I know how to add labels to form inputs to 'label' what they are. I am wondering if there is something similar for describing what a field is in more details? I want to there to be little text under a text field but don't know if there is a specific element I should use... thanks!


As you've already mentioned, each input requires that it has a corresponding label. If you would like to include some text below a form field to help describe that input, you'll need to use the aria-describedby attribute. An example would look like this:


<label for="input1_1">Given Name</label>

<input id="input1_1" required autocomplete="given-name" aria-describedby="input1_1_description">

<p id="input1_1_description">Enter your first name, or given name, in this field.</p>


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