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Create business opportunities for your web design and development agency through web accessibility. Our suite of WCAG tools was developed with you in mind, allowing your agency to add a new revenue channel while helping your clients become ADA and AODA compliant.

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Accessibility is an Opportunity

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Protect Your Clients

Ensure clients don’t become the target of ADA lawsuits.

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Win More Deals

Provide accessibility services that fit your clients’ needs.

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Increase Revenue

Generate billable hours and keep 100% of the profits.

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Evolve with the societal shift to make the web accessible to all.

For Agencies, By an Agency

Listen to’s CEO, Peter Jewett, explain how Accessible Web was born out of his agency, where web accessibility services generate monthly subscription revenue and support a strong pipeline of website redesigns.

Hi, I’m Peter Jewett, I’m the founder and CEO of Accessible Web.

So we actually started this company from our own agency. When we discovered Web Accessibility at We took a look at the landscape, looking for tools that could help us train our team and make our team more efficient and confident in implementing the WCAG success criteria. And also tools that could be a centralized platform similar to what we use for SEO sem rush. In one place, we can manage web accessibility across our 400 client’s websites to get a snapshot of where they’re at, show them the progress that we’re making, and upgrade and maintain all of their websites.

What we found was on one side of the aisle were overlays. They don’t really work to upgrade web accessibility properly, it’s just kind of a veneer of accessibility. And then on the other side, we found enterprise platforms that quite frankly, were too expensive for us to afford across 400 websites.

So we started building our own tools and spun up to sell the tools to customers. So what we’ve created is a suite of web accessibility tools that you can use at your agency to add another revenue stream to offer WCAG conformance, ADA compliance, confidently, efficiently, profitably. And we want to share that with you we have a business in a box, we can happily explain to you how we rolled out web accessibility as a service line at our agency We’ve been able to add about 20% to our annual revenues by specializing and offering this service correctly.

So reach out, we want to hear your story. We want to tell you our story, and we want to get you onboarded into our system so together we can start making the web more accessible for folks with disabilities. All right, thanks for visiting.

How it Works

We provide a web accessibility approach that is comprehensive and scalable, with a toolbox that fits your clients’ individual needs. Not sure how to get your team up to speed? Our certified specialists work with you every step of the way.

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Training & Support

We’ll onboard your team with everything you need to get started.

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Suite of Tools

Monitor and remediate all your clients under one platform at a discounted rate.


Sales Playbook

With our helpful guide, advertise your new services and start earning.

Hear it From A Partner

“Accessible Web’s RAMP tool is incredible for development agencies like ours who are trying to do the right thing for their clients. It helps us prioritize and make a plan to correct accessibility issues that are there to begin with while making sure we’re aware of new problems that pop up as a result of new content added. The bar graph representing changes in number of issues really helps drive home to clients the impact of the accessibility work we’re doing for them.”

Deneb Pulsipher, Web Developer and Web Accessibility Specialist

Sea Monster Studios

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We’ll help you build web accessibility the right way while driving revenue to your agency. Why take one-time commissions from an overlay company when you could be generating billable hours using our tools?

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