Widgets – Additional Resources & Videos

“Go beyond…” Resource Links

This page contains all of the “Go beyond” resource links, as well as all links to all video content, that you encountered during the “Widgets” training module.

Native Widgets

Custom Widgets

Keyboard Interaction

WAI-ARIA documentation

Disclosure Buttons

ARIA Disclosure Button Design Pattern


ARIA Tab Design Pattern

Collapsible Dropdown Listbox

Combo Box

ARIA Combobox Design Pattern


ARIA Carousel Design Pattern


ARIA Slider Design Pattern


WCAG success criterion 2.5.3: Label in Name

Labels: Functional Images

Quick A11Y Tip: Functional Images CodePen

Labels: aria-labelledby Attribute

Quick A11Y Tip: Using the aria-labelledby Attribute

Labels: aria-label Attribute

Quick A11Y Tips: Labeling Form Fields CodePen

Required, Disabled and Read-Only Fields