ADA Lawsuits & Demand Letters

US Courts have established the precedent that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is applicable to websites. At Accessible Web, we want to lead this systemic change in an effort to support the universal right of all people to access information and technology. Let’s work together to make your website ADA compliant.

If you haven't received a demand letter, we can help you avoid one. 

If you have received a demand letter, we can help you settle. 

Let’s Discuss Your Website ADA Project

Recent Court Decisions

In a court order dated June 23, 2021, Domino’s lost an ongoing legal battle in web accessibility. The judge ruled that “because the Defendant’s website violated the ADA, the Defendant’s website also violated the Unruh Act,” which is California’s disability civil rights law.

The judge issued an injunction ordering Domino’s to bring its website into compliance with WCAG 2.0.

View Domino’s Federal Court Order

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Received an ADA Demand Letter? Now What?

We’d recommend consulting with your attorney to provide a response, and then to get to work on addressing your website’s accessibility issues. Your attorney should verify with the Plaintiff’s attorney that completing a WCAG 2.1 AA audit and upgrade is a suitable remedy, along with other potential requirements such as ongoing monitoring and UX accessibility testing. On all fronts, our team of experts is ready to help.

If you haven’t received a demand letter, even better. Let’s get your website upgraded and an Accessibility Policy in place so you can avoid one altogether.

We agree with the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion and strive to create websites that are universally accessible. However, we are also sympathetic with business owners that are often caught by surprise by this requirement and the associated costs. Whether you’re being proactive or reactive, we aim to provide solutions that are affordable and comprehensive.

Our Process

1. Demo, Scoping, and Onboarding

Our Web Accessibility Consultants set up a time to virtually demo your website or web application. We’ll discuss your WCAG conformance goals and put together a proposal outlining which templates, views, and pages will be included in the audit and certification. Most clients install our A11Y Center immediately and we work together to create a Web Accessibility Policy outlining the timeline to reach WCAG conformance.

2. Initial Accessibility Audit

We’ll assign you a Web Accessibility Specialist to run a battery of automated and manual tests on each page we’re auditing. We’ll determine where your website or web app is passing or failing WCAG success criteria and load all the failures into RAMP as remediation tasks with detailed instructions for your developers.

3. Upgrades

Your developers will fix the accessibility issues using the list of remediation tasks. Each task will identify the page path, failed WCAG success criteria, and recommendations. Your Web Accessibility Specialist is available to assist and guide you throughout remediation.

4. Accessibility Confirmation Audit

Once all the remediation tasks are completed and marked as “Ready to Review” by your developers, we’ll complete a second thorough audit to verify the tasks were completed within WCAG requirements.

5. User Experience (UX) Testing

Now it’s time to verify that we’ve made your website or web application truly accessible for users with disabilities. We’ll create a list of scenarios to test, then work with a member of our UX Testing Team to navigate them on a screen share. We typically uncover some issues and load them into RAMP for your developers to complete.

6. Certification, VPAT, and Maintenance

Your Web Accessibility Specialist will work with you to update your Accessibility Policy, which will now include a Certification Statement from Accessible Web. We’ll also complete a VPAT that outlines the scope of our testing and details of how your website or web app conforms with WCAG. Most clients sign up for an A11y Partner Program console subscription so we can maintain conformance together and display our Certification Seal on your A11y Center.

After Your Audit & Certification

Our RAMP offers features to help you manage your website or web application to remain ADA compliant. View the RAMP Features Overview to learn more.