Accessibility UX Testing

How Does Your Site Really Work?

You’ve completed your WCAG checklist and your site is passing automated scans with zero issues. You’re site’s fully accessible now, right? Probably not. Now it’s time to test your website with real users that navigate the web using assistive technologies. We’ll undoubtedly encounter roadblocks and difficulties, and can help your team to break down those barriers to make your website’s experience pleasant and notable for users with disabilities.

Who’s doing the testing?

Through unique partnerships with government and nonprofit organizations, Accessible Web has assembled a team of website testers that use assistive technologies to browse the web every day. We’ll assemble a team with a variety of disabilities and help you understand how your website works for users with screen readers, alternative keyboards, contrast switching, and much more.

How it works:

  • We’ll work with you to create a series of user tests specific for your website. For example, on an online apparel site, we’d create tests around finding, purchasing, and returning relevant products. Most sessions have approximately 20 tests.
  • One of our Accessibility Analysts will work with each tester as they move through the test, recording their screen along with a conversation about problems and successes they’re encountering.
  • We’ll provide you with the video of the tests, along with a report outlining suggested remediations to improve the experience of the various users.
  • Once you’ve worked through the remediations, we’ll run the tests again to confirm that the experience has improved.

What’s Next?

We typically include UX testing during our accessibility certification phase of an engagement, and then periodically while we’re monitoring and maintaining a site’s accessibility. We’re also available to test new features and functionality as you roll them out.