Why does an auto-playing video require a pause mechanism?


We often use background videos (looped, no sound) in the hero with i.e. the headline on it. It's a great eyecatcher and the users like it a lot. The WCAG guideline says that this should not be allowed if the video does not stop after 5 seconds. Is this correct? 


As described in the WCAG success criteria 2.2.2, auto-playing and auto-updating content that plays for longer than 5 seconds must have a way to pause, stop, or hide it. Even if the content is considered decorative, the only exception for is if the auto-playing-auto-updating content is essential to conveying information or facilitating interactions on the page for users.

When content automatically plays or updates for longer than 5 seconds, it can be incredibly distracting for users with cognitive disabilities. Providing a mechanism to pause, stop, or hide the content allows users to control the content and minimize distractions.

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