Travel & Lodging

Lodging, travel and transportation sites must comply

Provide an accessible website for everyone trying to get from A to B

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for title II and title III–under public accommodations and commercial facilities–requires your website to be accessible.

With nearly all travel plans made online, it may be harder to travel with paper tickets, maps and directions than digital versions. Let everyone enjoy trips with access to all the information they need one any trip. Accessible websites and apps make communication with travelers easier for you as well. Develop your website by providing access to more travelers and avoid lawsuits at the same time.

Don’t miss the bus on the path to accessibility; ensure your website is accessible to all.


  • Inclusion – equal access to your content for all users, regardless of ability
  • Usability – removing barriers & frustration points within your digital experience provides and enhanced user experience for all.
  • Legal Protection / Compliance – reduced risk of lawsuits & the financial impact they cause
  • Financial –  providing equal access to all users means you’re more likely to gain new customers