Connect your Jira account

Accessible Web for Jira integrates RAMP’s powerful accessibility management tools with Jira so you can manage and synchronize accessibility tasks directly within your Jira environment.

You can install the Jira app from our Atlassian marketplace listing. This integration is only available for users on our Pro+ RAMP plan.

This article will cover the following:

Connecting your Jira account

  • Select a website in RAMP and navigate to RAMP Settings > Integrations.
A website's settings in RAMP. The integrations tab is selected and the Jira integration is the first to display.
  • Click “Connect to Jira” to open the instructions modal.
    • Add the Accessible Web App to your Jira account.
    • Enter the provided pairing code in Jira.

Using the integration

 This integration will allow you to:

  • Create Jira issues from remediation tasks,
  • Sync and track statuses of Jira issues linked to remediation tasks, and
  • Filter by Jira status in RAMP.

Creating Jira issues from remediation tasks

Adding a single task

  • Navigate to the remediation task you want to create in Jira
  • Click “External Reference” > “Add Task to Jira”
The top of a remediation task. The connect to an external reference button is selected and a pop up window is open. The window contains two options, "Add task to jira" or "manually add external reference."

Adding tasks in bulk

  • Navigate to the Remediation Tasks tab
  • Select the tasks you want to create in Jira
  • Click the “Actions” dropdown button > “Add to Jira.”
The actions button in the remediation tasks tab.
The integrations section of the dropdown that appears when the actions button is clicked. The option says "Add to Jira."

Syncing statuses

Once your remediation tasks are connected to your Jira account, their statuses will automatically sync.

Custom field types

Users can now create issues for projects with custom fields. Custom fields are defined and created in Jira. When a user creates a Jira issue, in addition to selecting project, issue type, and label, the form now includes inputs for your project’s custom fields.

Note: We do not currently support all Jira custom field types since they are specific to each Jira project. As of now, we support basic field types, like text, number, select, and similar fields.

If you’re looking to add an unsupported field type, contact us via in-RAMP messaging or email at [email protected] so our team can add support.