Software Engineer

Summary of the Position

Accessible Web has an opening for a Full Stack Software Engineer. This person will be a part of our engineering team working on our Accessible Web RAMP web app, browser extension, marketing website, and various internal tools, packages & projects. They will be responsible for writing clean, functional and tested code that other members of the team will be delighted to work with. The candidate is comfortable with both implementing front end user experiences and developing back-end website & system architecture.

Our Tech Stack & Highlights

  • Django, React.js, Bootstrap creates our flagship product: Accessible Web RAMP
    • Historical aggregations of millions of accessibility scans
    • Supports the 500K A11Y Center loads per day
    • Serves as the primary communication and delivery platform between our audit team and our audit clients
  • NodesJS, axe-core creates our page monitoring system
    • Runs at > 5 scans per second under peak traffic conditions
  • React.js, Bootstrap, axe-core creates our browser extension
    • Currently 1,000+ active users
  • AWS runs our testing and production environments

Principle Responsibilities

  • Directly contribute to the engineering team by pushing quality, tested code that other members of the team will be delighted to work with.
  • Give and receive feedback on pull requests – all code here runs through pull requests with few exceptions. You will help ensure your contributions and others are merged in a productive manner.
  • Improve our team’s tooling. Whether it be build & testing pipelines, linters or deployment scripts… if it helps our team ship better code more quickly, we are interested in it.
  • Maintain and enhance our existing back end architecture of servers, containers, queues, and databases. Writing application code is only half the problem.
  • See a problem – fix a problem. The Full Stack Software Engineer will be living in the codebases that our users directly interact with. If they come across a problem or pinpoint areas for improvement it is their responsibility to suggest and implement solutions.
  • Scope projects, define requirements, and set deadlines for yourself that align with the needs of others, both on engineering and sales + auditing teams.
  • Help debug and fix production issues.
  • Consistently implement web accessibility best practices. Accessibility is not optional; all work must meet accessibility standards.


  • A very good understanding of HTML and CSS. Not all HTML is good – candidates must understand how to create meaningful, semantic, accessible HTML. Knowledge of CSS preprocessors is also preferred.
  • Experience with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or TailwindCSS.
  • An excellent understanding of Vanilla JS (core concepts) and expertise using React.js to build large single page applications.
  • Experience with all parts of the javascript toolchain – package managers, bundlers, transpilers. A “create react app” javascript bundle is not generated with magic, and you understand how.
  • Experience with server side languages such as Python, PHP or NodeJS
  • Experience with Django or other MVC frameworks
  • Proficiency with Relational and NoSQL Databases such as PostgreSql or DynamoDB
  • Experience processing large volumes of data efficiently and asynchronously. Familiarity with Amazon SQS, Redis, Celery preferred.
  • Experience with Docker required, experience with Docker in production preferred
  • AWS experience strongly preferred, cloud experience required
  • Strong understanding of Git and how to coordinate work among a team of people with competing priorities – we value a clean history on our primary branches
  • Testing experience using jest, cypress, unittest preferred, an understanding and experience with testing best practices & concepts required
  • Experience with Accessibility Best Practices and WCAG Preferred

Core Competencies for Success

Strong attention to detail, persistent drive for problem solving, demonstrated organizational skills, ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, ability to work independently and within a team, highly responsive, flexible, and adaptable to changing priorities / deadlines, ability to think critically and be creative.

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary range: $90-100k
  • Stock Options
  • Full health benefits including dental and vision coverage
  • 401k with company match
  • Wellness Stipend
  • 15 days PTO per year for new employees
  • 8 company holidays per year + end of year closing
  • Opportunity for remote employment

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