Build Your Accessibility Log

A screenshot of Accessible Web's log showing 2 entries.

Documenting accessibility work is a key part of reducing legal risk and demonstrating your commitment to accessibility. That is why we recommend building out your Accessibility Log as you complete remediation tasks and resolve accessibility issues.

Your website’s accessibility log is made up of individual log entries. In RAMP, you can create log entries for nearly anything you would like, but some common instances are:

  • When a significant milestone has been passed
  • When a remediation task has been completed
  • After an audit has been done
  • When your accessibility status changes

Publish Your Public Accessibility Log

Once published, your accessibility log can be publicaly displayed within your website’s A11y Center or linked to your accessibility policy.

In order to publish your website’s log, you must activate the A11Y Center in RAMP Settings > A11Y Center first. Make sure that the “Public Accessibility Log” box is checked.

A screenshot of RAMP's A11Y Center Settings tab with the "Public Accessibility Log" box checked.

You do not necessarily need to install the A11Y Center on your website to publish the public accessibility log. Once the A11Y Center is activated, your public accessibility log page will be live. This allows you to link to your accessibility log internally or in a separate accessibility policy, even if you’ve decided not to install the A11Y Center on your website at this time.

Once your accessibility log is published, you can view and copy the link to your public log by navigating to the Log Entries tab in RAMP and clicking “Public Log.”

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

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