People & Process

Our goal is to help your organization create and maintain a sustainable accessibility practice. RAMP provides you with the tools to organize, train, and support your staff in their various roles so that web accessibility is implemented early, thoughtfully, and efficiently.

Stay Organized with Remediation Tasks

Start organizing with RAMP

A list of remediation tasks alongside an open task. The task includes the affected elements and a remediation recommendation.
Task Details
View the relevant page, error, elements, and remediation instructions.
Task List
Keep track of status and affected pages.

Export to Jira

Large plans only. Save time and keep track of accessibility work wherever your team works best.

  • Push audit results and remediation tasks to Jira,
  • Sync statuses of Jira issues linked to remediation tasks,
  • Filter by Jira status in RAMP,
  • And more!

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Accessible Web Academy

Investing in accessibility education and implementing accessible design from the outset is more cost-effective than retrofitting inaccessible features later.

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A screenshot of the "Landmarks, Links, and Headings" course in Accessible Web Academy.
In-depth Lessons
Created by our IAAP certified accessibility experts.
Catered to you
Material relevant to your job description.

Level-Up Your Team’s Skills

With topics such as accessible design, code-specific best practices, and assistive technology, you can enable your team to contribute to the ongoing accessibility efforts and ensure that all content produced meets the accessibility standards.

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A screenshot of the "Accessibility for Developers" bundle.