Manual WCAG Testing

*Included with Large Plans* Once you get your site's automated accessibility score to 100/100, it is time to conduct a manual audit. The guided audit feature within our chrome extension walks you through a series of tests to comprehensively audit for all WCAG success criteria and achieve full WCAG conformance.

A screenshot of the guided audit showing a progress bar and a checklist of wcag success criteria
Export to RAMP
Export the work you completed, or remediate as you go.
WCAG Checklist
Developed based on our accessibility specialists’ auditing process.

Uncover up to 100% of WCAG Violations

Automated scanning only captures a percentage of issues. The guided manual audit tool is the solution for those issues that cannot be detected automatically. For example, if a an <img> element is missing an alt tag, that can be detected automatically. However, manual testing is needed to determine whether an image should be coded as meaningful or decorative.

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Use Pre-Populated Failures

Focus on remediation by leaving the guidance to us. Each step contains a description of the test you’re conducting, any relevant success criteria, step-by-step instructions for auditing, and remediation recommendations based on the failure template you choose.

Screenshots from the missing headings audit step with detailed instructions and templates.

Choose From Different Audit Modes

Audit on your timeline. Choose from full and partial audit modes based on your workflow or your client’s needs. Soon, we’re adding a quick audit mode based on the core WCAG tests.

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Detected headings with bounding boxes around them.

Detect & Highlight Elements

Relevant elements are automatically detected and may be highlighted for further inspection.

Organize in RAMP

Any remediation task you create during your audit can be exported and organized into a workbook in your RAMP account. Once in RAMP, your team can fix every violation and achieve full WCAG compliance.

Explore the guided audit tool

A list of remediation tasks alongside a preview of a task showing the task name, affected element, remediation recommendation, and screenshots.