User Ticket Management

If a user finds an accessibility related issue with your website, they are easily able to report this to you through your A11Y Center. Once an issue has been reported, it’s time to validate it, reply to the user and resolve the issue. Our Issue Ticket Management system is designed to make this process simple.

A screenshot showing a user ticket about a voiceover problem trying to checkout on an e-commerce website.
User tickets are submitted through your A11Y Center, or created manually from Accessible Web RAMP.
Create Tasks
Get the work done to resolve an issue with a remediation task.

User Ticket Creation

User tickets are created in 2 ways: through the A11Y Center or manually from within the Accessible Web RAMP. The A11Y Center provides an easy to submit form as well as an email address and phone number as alternatives. If a user decides to email or call you with an accessibility issue, you can quickly create a new user ticket manually.

Create Remediation Tasks

Once a ticket has been validated, easily create a Remediation Task from it so that your team can start working to resolve the issue. 

A screenshot of a user ticket, with an associated remediation task and a button to create a new task.