Remediation Task System

Our Remediation Task System makes it simple to organize accessibility work for your team. Your development team manages their list of accessibility related work through our tasks system, which provides detailed information about each WCAG violation. Tasks include the relevant WCAG Success Criteria, related accessibility rules and common remediation techniques.

A screenshot of a remediation task for a home page.
View the relevant page and success criteria for each task.
Log Entries
Document progress of a task with log entries.
User Tickets
Associate any relevant user tickets a task is resolving.

What’s a Remediation Task?

Within each task you’ll find information needed to remediate and track accessibility issues on your website. Tasks provide your team with the affected page, violated WCAG success criterion, specific rule failures, recommended remediation techniques, code snippets, you name it. Everything they need to fix an issue.

Search, Sort & Filter

As your task list grows, we make it easy to search, sort & filter to find what you are looking for. Search by keyword or page. Sort & filter by status and tags. We know that some teams break work up by website sections, so we make it easy for you to get your team the info they need fast. 

A filter bar to data in a table. There is an active filter for "Tags" filtering by items tagged with "images".


Workbooks are designed to help discover and organize WCAG violations into meaningful Remediation Tasks your team can address efficiently. Fun fact: when you purchase a certification from us, this is the tool our team uses during the audit process. 

A screenshot of a workbook in RAMP, showing 1 column of failures, and another of remediations tasks created from failures.