A11Y Center

Show the world that you’re dedicated to making your website accessible to everyone, including those who use assistive technology. The A11Y Center tells users that you have made a commitment to digital accessibility. It is fast to set up & implement; you can have it loading on your website in less than 20 minutes.

A11Y Partner
Displayed if you are part of our A11Y Partner Program.
Certification Seal
For clients that have completed our certification process.
Display policy, issue reporting form, accessibility log, and A11Y Partner status for your website visitors.

Accessibility Policy

The Accessibility Policy lets your customers know that web accessibility is important to your organization. It is customizable to your needs & WCAG conformance goals. It’s also a place where you can note any 3rd party tools that don’t meet conformance requirements. 

Accessibility Issue Reporting

The Report section of the A11Y Center provides multiple methods for users to report accessibility issues to your designated accessibility advocate. The form is easy to fill out and when submitted, alerts your accessibility team by creating a new User Ticket within RAMP. Users are also provided with phone and email options in case a user would like to contact you via an alternative method.

Accessibility Log

Accessible Web RAMP can record all web accessibility activities and promote them in your Accessibility Log. Log entries are created as you remediate WCAG violations and pass key milestones meeting such as receiving site or page certifications. Issues that are reported by your users and then remediated by your team can be added as log entries.

A webpage showing a table with multiple rows. Each row contains an accessibility fix applied to a website.