Get Started

Step 1: Sign Up & Onboarding

Fill out the online form and we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting. We’ll discuss your specific project and accessibility goals then provide you with code to implement the Accessible Web Badge. The badge opens a modal that includes the status of the Accessible Web Certification, your Accessibility Policy, contact info & a form for users to submit accessibility related issues. 

Step 2: Accessibility Audit

We’ll audit your website and let you know where you’re passing and failing WCAG 2.1 A, AA, or AAA conformance. We’ll provide a written report and schedule time to discuss the process for upgrading your website. Learn more about our web accessibility audits

Step 3: Upgrading & UX Testing

We provide support for your developers as they work through our findings to make necessary accessibility upgrades.  

We’ll also work with you to develop UX tests and complete those tests with our Accessibility Testing Team, who will report on the challenges they experience using their various assistive technologies. Learn more about our accessibility UX testing services

Step 4: Certification

Once the website’s been upgraded, it’s time to do a thorough WCAG evaluation.  We’ll use a combination of manual tests and automated tools to ensure your UI is in conformance.  

We’ll do a 2nd round of UX Testing to verify that any hurdles or roadblocks that our users encountered have been remediated. Learn more about our accessibility certification services

Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring & Testing

Another functionality of the Accessible Web Badge is that it monitors your site’s WCAG conformance through automated scanning technology. Recurring scans and twice-yearly UX testing verify that your website stays in conformance as your business and the web evolves. When issues arise, we’ll notify your team and work with you remediate. Learn more about our accessibility monitoring services.

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