Accessible Web Badge

Our Accessible Web Badge can be configured and installed in under 20 minutes, providing a variety of accessibility tools and information for your website's users. 

Policy Status
Show Your Progress


When you sign up with Accessible Web, we’ll set your Badge’s Policy Status to Onboarding. This does not mean that your website is accessible, but it tells website visitors that you’ve started the process.


Once we’ve completed your audit and provided your development team with remediation tasks, we’ll upgrade your Badge’s Policy Status to Upgrading.


Once your team has completed all remediation tasks, we’ll do a thorough Accessibility certification, including testing against WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria and completing a round of UX Testing. Upon successful certification, we’ll change your status to Certified. Your website is now officially accessible! Let’s keep it that way.

Accessibility Policy

  • Let your customers know that web accessibility is important to your organization.
  • Decide your planned level of WCAG Conformance and set a timeline for reaching conformance.
  • Note any third-party tools that don’t meet conformance/compliance requirements.
  • Optionally, include a link to your VPAT.

Report an Accessibility Issue

  • We recommend that every organization designate a web accessibility point person to oversee web accessibility issues.
  • This form provides a method for anyone to report an accessibility issue they may be having with your website. Issues are sent to your accessibility team via email and loaded into the Accessible Web Console.
  • This screen also provides phone and mailing options in case the user would prefer to contact you via alternative means.

Accessibility Log

  • Our console records all web accessibility activities for posterity. The more activity, the better.
  • Issues that are reported via the badge and remediated are added to your log.
  • Key milestones like audits and website launches are added to your log.
  • Should you need to defend your organization’s commitment to website accessibility in court, you can use your log to show your commitment to ongoing improvements.

Next Up, Explore the Accessible Web Console

The Accessible Web Badge is designed to work in tandem with the Accessible Web Console. Click here to explore features of the Accessible Web Console.