Accessible Web Console

Our Accessible Web Console contains a variety of tools to help your team manage web accessibility issues and remediation tasks.  Let's make your website accessible and then maintain your accessibility.

Manage Reported Issues

  • Customer reported issues from the Accessible Web Badge are routed to the “User Tickets” view.
  • Here you can respond to customers via email to offer alternative means to access your products or services.
  • Once you’ve verified the issue in the “User Ticket”, convert it into a “Remediation Task” for your development team to address.

Organize Remediation Tasks

  • The Remediation Tasks tab is where your development team can manage their list of work to complete.
  • This is where Accessible Web will load issues that are found during Audits, UX Testing, and Automatic Scanning.
  • Remediation Tasks can be labeled with WCAG Success Criteria to provide an understanding of how to fix.
  • Update the status of Remediation Tasks to keep your team organized. When a Remediation Task is completed, you’ll have the option to add an entry to your Accessibility Log.

Build Out Your Accessibility Log

  • Whenever possible, create a Log Entry when you’ve completed a Remediation Task or achieved an accessibility milestone.
  • Your best legal protection is being able to show a lawyer or judge that you’ve been steadily working towards improving your website’s accessibility.
  • Your Public Accessibility Log also appears on your Accessible Web Badge and reinforces your commitment to accessibility to your customers and partners.
  • Accessible Web will add key milestones such as onboarding, completing an audit, and achieving certification.

Professional Help When You Need It

  • There’s a lot of new concepts to learn when your development team is working on web accessibility. We aim to provide support so the project doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • Use the Get Help tab to contact a member of the Accessible Web Team with questions.
  • Access our growing knowledge base for a variety of questions and answers that we’ve solved previously. If you don’t an answer, submit it via our Ask a Question form and we’ll provide a solution.

Manage Accessibility Across All Your Websites in One Place

We started Accessible Web as a tool for our agency,, but realized we were onto something and spun it off as a separate business. Our tools are useful for a single site, but especially useful if you’re an Agency/SaaS Company/Large Organization with multiple websites. Manage the web accessibility for all your websites and teams in one central location.

Next Up, Explore the Accessible Web Badge

The Accessible Web Console is designed to work in tandem with the Accessible Web Badge. Click here to explore features of the Accessible Web Badge.